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Based on the network shown in the graphic. Which option contains both the potential networking problem and the protocol or setting that should be used to prevent the problem?
A. routing loops, hold down timers
B. switching loops, split horizon
C. routing loops, split horizon
D. switching loops, VTP
E. routing loops, STP
F. switching loops, STP
Answer: F

What are three benefits of implementing VLANs? 200-125 pdf (Choose three.)
A. A higher level of network security can be reached by separating sensitive data traffic from other network traffic.
B. A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many physical groups to use the same network infrastructure.
C. A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many logical networks to use the same network infrastructure.
D. Broadcast storms can be mitigated by increasing the number of broadcast domains, thus reducing their size.
E. Broadcast storms can be mitigated by decreasing the number of broadcast domains, thus increasing their size.
F. VLANs make it easier for IT staff to configure new logical groups, because the VLANs all belong to the same broadcast domain.
G. Port-based VLANs increase switch-port use efficiency, thanks to 802.1Q trunks.
Answer: ACD
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QUESTION 3         200-125 dumps
Which IEEE standard protocol is initiated as a result of successful DTP completion in a switch over Fast Ethernet?
A. 802.3ad
B. 802.1w
C. 802.1D
D. 802.1Q
Answer: D

Question 4
Which of the following are features of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)? (Choose 4)
A. Authentication
B. Encryption
C. Error Detection and Correction
D. Logical Bundling of Multiple Links
E. Compression
Answer: ACDE

Question 5
A Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller – Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) uses Northbound APIs to connect to what?
A. Network Devices
B. Peer Controllers
C. Autonomous Controllers
D. Applications
Answer: D

Which two commands can be used to verify a trunk link configuration status on a given Cisco switch interface? 200-125 dumps (Choose two.)
A. show interface trunk
B. show interface interface
C. show ip interface brief
D. show interface vlan
E. show interface switchport
Answer: AE

Question 7
What Cisco technology allows you to interconnect multiple physical switches into a single logical switch?
A. SmartNet
B. Optimum Switching
C. Stackwise
D. Collapsed Core
Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Why has this switch not been elected the root bridge for VLAN1? 200-125 pdf
A. It has more than one interface that is connected to the root network segment.
B. It is running RSTP while the elected root bridge is running 802.1d spanning tree.
C. It has a higher MAC address than the elected root bridge.
D. It has a higher bridge ID than the elected root bridge.
Answer: D

Question 9
What technology allows an enterprise to more easily change their cloud provider (e.g. change from Microsoft to AWS)?
A. CloudFront
B. Intercloud Exchange
Answer: B

Question 10
A Unique Local IPv6 Address, which cannot be routed over the public Internet, begins with what hexadecimal prefix?
A. FE80::/10
B. FC00::/7
C. FF02::1:FF
D. 2000::/3
Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. All switch ports are assigned to the correct VLANs, but none of the hosts connected to SwitchA can communicate with hosts in the same VLAN connected to SwitchB.
Based on the output shown, what is the most likely problem?
A. The access link needs to be configured in multiple VLANs.
B. The link between the switches is configured in the wrong VLAN.
C. The link between the switches needs to be configured as a trunk.
D. VTP is not configured to carry VLAN information between the switches.
E. Switch IP addresses must be configured in order for traffic to be forwarded between the switches.
Answer: C

Which statement about VLAN operation on Cisco Catalyst switches is true? 200-125 dumps
A. When a packet is received from an 802.1Q trunk, the VLAN ID can be determined from the source MAC address and the MAC address table.
B. Unknown unicast frames are retransmitted only to the ports that belong to the same VLAN.
C. Broadcast and multicast frames are retransmitted to ports that are configured on different VLAN.
D. Ports between switches should be configured in access mode so that VLANs can span across the ports.
Answer: B

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