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[2020.5] Latest Cisco Systems Engineer 700-905 Exam pdf and Dump Practice Questions

May 15, 2020

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Which VIC model supports two-wire connectivity to each Fabric Interconnect?
A. VIC 1227
B. VIC 1557
C. VIC 1387
D. VIC 1457
Correct Answer: C


When building a HyperFlex cluster which two recommendations should be followed? (Choose two.)
A. Use HX 220s for compute nodes and HX 240s for converged nodes
B. Use B-Series servers to improve the converged node scale.
C. Use the same CPU model but memory configuration can be different.
D. Use the same server configuration for the cluster.
E. Use the same server model for the cluster.
Correct Answer: DE

HyperFlex virtual servers differ from regular servers in which two key areas? (Choose two.)
A. NVMe: Regular servers do not support NVMe drives for high availability.
B. No RAID is required to consolidate disks into a shared data platform.
C. CVM: Virtual appliance, which performs reading/writing, caching, deduplication, and compression.
D. SP: UCS Service Profiles are used to delineate MAC address pools from upstream networks.
E. CCC: Cisco Cloud Center is used for multi-cloud integration and seamless deployment.
Correct Answer: BC


How many vCPUs does the HXDP controller VM require?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4
Correct Answer: A


When local writing or reading is performed, the lOVisor intercepts the read/write requests and forwards them to CVMs
across the cluster This action allows non-local CVMs to be aware of the input/output requests so that they can perform
the appropriate input/output action lOVisor provides which two additional functionalities? (Choose two.)
A. provides redundancy when local CVM fails, offloading data processing to another CVM in the cluster
B. when an lOVisor fails, the CVM remains active and functional, which enables uninterrupted operation of the system
by forwarding 10 to another available lOVisor In the HyperFlex cluster
C. enables asynchronous replication of data across individual HyperFlex nodes with sub-second re-convergence
D. integration point for deployment of cloud-based SaaS offerings from eco-system partners
E. intercepts local virtual machines\\’ reads and writes and distributes them across the network eliminating hotspots
Correct Answer: AE


With which three components must every HyperFlex cluster be equipped with in regard to disks? (Choose three.)
A. NVMe drives
B. there are no specific requirements
C. same type of cache drives
D. same type and size of the capacity of drives
E. same number of capacity drives
F. SAS drives
Correct Answer: CDE


Which two components are automatically configured from the information provided to the HyperFlex installer? (Choose
two )
A. the network
B. operating system deployment preparation
C. controller VM configuration
D. application dependencies
E. server firmware policy
Correct Answer: AC


Which statement about Standalone Cisco UCS Server Deployments is valid?
A. They require Cisco Fabric Interconnects to operate, which reduces the Operating Expenses (OpEx) associated with
the deployment
B. They do not require Cisco Fabric Interconnects to operate, which reduces the Operating Expenses (OpEx)
associated with the deployment
C. They do not require Cisco Fabric Interconnects to operate, which reduces the Capital Expenses (CapEx) associated
with the deployment
D. They require Cisco Fabric Interconnects to operate, which reduces the Capital Expenses (CapEx) associated with
the deployment
Correct Answer: C


Which three features do Managed Deployments provide? (Choose three.)
A. Great tor managing large deployments, scalability, and oversight of the UCS servers.
B. Consistent deployment by replicating working configurations from development labs to the production deployment
C. High availability of the management system and connectivity when using 2 Cisco Fabric Interconnects
D. Individual configuration of each redundant fabric or global configuration.
E. Increased operating overhead, raising Operating Expenses (OpEx)
F. Decentralized yet complex management of an entire UCS domain.
Correct Answer: ACD


What is the maximum number of cores supported in the Cisco UCS M5 server?
A. 28
B. 22
C. 12
D. 8
Correct Answer: A


A. creates hooks tor services related to third-party abstraction applications
B. does not perform caching, deduplication: and compression of data
C. an Ubuntu-based VM running in the control space of each individual server, having linear access to the server\\’s
VMs and networking controls
D. needs network access to ESXi. other CVMs, and management network
E. is installed automatically by the HyperFlex installer, configured through the installer
Correct Answer: DE


Drag the server type from the left onto the maximum number of capacity drives on the right.
Select and Place:

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