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Server+ covers server architecture, administration, storage, security, networking, troubleshooting as well as disaster recovery.

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Latest effective CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 Exam Practice Tests

Which of the following is the core software application that manages computer virtualization?
A. Hypervisor
B. Hyperthreading
C. Console
Correct Answer: A

A technician is called upon to add storage to a database server. The database administrator needs the maximum
performance for accessing many small files. Which of the following specifications should the technician focus on when
selecting the drive to add to the server?
A. Form factor
B. Capacity
C. Bus bandwidth
D. Seek time
Correct Answer: D

An administrator has been tasked with making recommendations for purchasing new disks for a low I/O file server.
Keeping in mind that budget and capacity are the primary concerns, which the following disk types should the
administrator recommend?
Correct Answer: A

Users on multiple network segments report that they are unable to retrieve email from a server. Which of the following
commands will allow a server technician to ensure that the email service is running on the server?
A. ifconfig
B. ipconfig
C. nbtstat
D. netstat
Correct Answer: D

A system administrator is asked to set up several physical file serversthat have recently crashed due to apower failure.
Which of the following documents should the administrator refer toin order to complete this task?
A. Server configuration documentation
B. Network diagram
C. Asset management documentation
D. Dataflow diagram
Correct Answer: A

A blade server chassis has two power supplies. Which of the following is a benefit of a technician connecting each
power supply to a separate UPS unit?
A. Quality of service
B. Fault tolerance
C. Traffic shaping
D. Load balancing
Correct Answer: B

A server administrator is setting up a new set of hosts for an application that requires communication between all the
hosts on a dedicated private subnet. Initially, the configuration consists of four hosts and is expected to grow to 48 total
as the application is implemented for the entire company. When configuring the private subnet, which of the following
CIDR netmasks would allow for the full number of hosts once the application is fully in production with the least number
of unused addresses allocated?
A. /25
B. /26
C. /27
D. /28
Correct Answer: B

A server technician is investigating a potential data breach. It is believed that the breach occurred via telnet access.
Which of the following could validate this hypothesis?
A. Port scanner
B. Cipher tools
C. Checksum analyzer
Correct Answer: A

An ISPiscurrently drafting and compiling a Service Level Agreementthat states there should only be 5.26 minutes of
downtime per year, 25.9 secondsper month, and 6.05 secondsper week. Which of the following percentages should be
used to meet these metrics?
A. 99.9%
B. 99.99%
C. 99.999%
D. 99.9999%
Correct Answer: C

A new version of the primary operating system used by a company has been released. Due to some significant changes
in the OS, a system administrator wants to see which remotely accessible services are enabled by default to assess the
security risk prior to upgrading to the new version. Which of the following utilities should the administrator use?
A. Cipher program
B. Port scanner
C. Telnet client
D. Packet sniffer
Correct Answer: B

A system technician is asked to create a test environment that will consist of 45 computers and a file server. Which of
the following types of servers is BEST suited for IP management in the lab network?
A. Domain Name Service
B. Window Internet Naming Services
C. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
D. Routing and Remote Access
Correct Answer: C

An administratordecidesto implement access control techniques tosecurea datacenter. Which of the following would be
the STRONGEST technique for the administrator to use?
A. Multifactor authentication
B. RFID chip
C. Cipher locks
D. Bollards
Correct Answer: A

An administrator would like to determine what port and services are running locally on a server. Which of the following
Windows command lines and shell tools should the administrator use? (Select THREE).
A. get-services
B. show ports
C. sc query
D. netstat
E. vmstat
F. show services
Correct Answer: ACD

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CompTIA Server+ certified candidates can work in any environment because it is the only vendor-neutral certification covering the major server platforms. It is the only industry certification that covers the latest server technologies including virtualization, security and network-attached storage.

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