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Which of the following is a subcomponent of a virtual machine? 

A. Virtual switch 

B. Virtual HBA 

C. Virtual shield 

D. Virtual OS 

Correct Answer: B 


A company has virtualized all of their servers on one physical server located on the company\\’s first floor datacenter.

The company also uses security software from a third-party cloud vendor as part of a SaaS contract. The overall cloud

network model for this company\\’s network is BEST described by which of the following? 

A. Hybrid 

B. Offsite public 

C. On-site private 

D. Community 

Correct Answer: A 


Which of the following cloud delivery models is deployed over a company intranet or company- hosted datacenter? 

A. Private cloud 

B. Hybrid cloud 

C. Community cloud 

D. Public cloud 

Correct Answer: A 


Which of the following is true about a Type II hypervisor? 

A. It requires a primary hypervisor to function properly. 

B. It implements stronger security controls than a Type I supervisor at the same patch level. 

C. It provides slower performance than a Type I hypervisor installed on the same hardware. 

D. It provides direct hardware access through the use of specialized drivers. 

Correct Answer: C 


A company has just established a new branch office that needs to connect back to centrally hosted applications for day

to day operations. The branch office has noted that access to many company services are slow and causing a drop in

productivity. The company IT department has investigated a plan to improve performance across the link to the branch

office without having to pay for more bandwidth from the Internet Service Provider. This plan includes hardware that

after installation will allow for much faster access to day to day business applications. Which of the following terms

BEST describes the action taken by the IT department? 

A. LAN optimization 

B. WAN optimization 

C. Load balancing 

D. Bandwidth compression 

Correct Answer: B 


A company uses a third-party utility to protect critical virtual machines. The third party uses deduplication to compress

workloads without degrading performance. Which of the following should be tested to ensure appropriate network


A. Bandwidth 

B. Trunking 

C. Caching 

D. Compression 

Correct Answer: A 


An administrator deployed a DaaS cloud delivery model for a financial institution and implemented a data encryption

technology using AES cryptography. Which of the following should the administrator implement NEXT? 

A. Access controls 

B. RC5 


D. Zoning 

Correct Answer: A 


Which of the following will explain why only some of the CPU cycles are available to a virtualized server using two

virtualized processors? 

A. Extra processing is needed to store encryption keys used for secure transmission between the server and the


B. Additional processing is used to run ports and services not turned off through the process of server hardening. 

C. Some processing is required for operational overhead on the processor and between the physical and virtualized


D. Significant processing is used to create and maintain the cache on multi-core processors. 

Correct Answer: C 


An administrator adds a new virtualization host to an existing cluster but is unable to move existing VMs to the new host.

Which of the following is MOST likely to be a reason for the VM mobility failure? 

A. There are too many connections to the iSCSI LUN. 

B. Minimum memory configuration has not been met in the system. 

C. The host has not been added to the resource pool. 

D. Different CPU architectures are being used. 

Correct Answer: D 


Which of the following types of virtual components performs Layer 3 functions between networks in a virtualized


A. Virtual switch 

B. Virtual router 

C. Virtual NIC 

D. Virtual HBA 

Correct Answer: B 


An administrator has enabled NPIV and has configured the SAN for SAN boot; however, SAN boot fails intermittently.

Which of the following, if configured incorrectly, could cause the issue? 

A. LUN Masking 

B. Storage cluster 

C. Zoning 


Correct Answer: D 


The IT department of a company has received many calls concerning slow response time from a common application.

The administrator can develop a solution after diagnosing the symptoms by using: 

A. New virtual resources. 

B. Customer surveys. 

C. Performance and monitoring tools. 

D. Scheduled maintenance time. 

Correct Answer: C 


Which of the following would be used to mitigate the risk of an unauthorized party authenticating into the network? 

A. Install a software-based firewall 

B. Establish a baseline and review logs daily 

C. Install antivirus software 

D. Disable the administrator account 

Correct Answer: D 


An administrator is responsible for maintenance and support of servers in the cloud environment. There are over 500

virtual servers spanning across ten physical hosts. The administrator deploys a new application server. The

administrator allocated the appropriate virtual resources for the application. Users report slow response after the new

server was deployed. Which of the following is the cause of this issue? 

A. Storage allocation on the guest OS 

B. Resource pooling mis-configuration 

C. Application licensing expiration 

D. Data segregation on the host OS 

Correct Answer: B 


A new self-service provisioning system has been deployed to serve the company\\’s rapid VM provisioning needs. Since

the website is in the DMZ, HTTPS is required, but company policy states that SSL certificates can not terminate at the

server. The company also has a requirement that the web portal be redundant while providing session state. Which of

the following availability technologies can be used to meet the company\\’s requirements? 

A. Failover 

B. Multipathing 

C. Load balancing 

D. Failback 

Correct Answer: C 


Which of the following events will force a storage migration in a virtual environment? 

A. Reaching the end of the CPU hardware lifecycle 

B. Reaching the end of the NIC hardware lifecycle 

C. Reaching the end of the SAN hardware lifecycle 

D. Reaching the end of the RAM hardware lifecycle 

Correct Answer: C 


Which of the following solutions would an administrator deploy to meet high availability requirements? 

A. Implement communication delivery services. 

B. Implement fault tolerant systems. 

C. Implement infrastructure delivery services. 

D. Implement application delivery services. 

Correct Answer: B 


The performance logs on a virtualization server show a large number of pages being written to disk at a high rate. Which

of the following should the technician do? 

A. Increase the amount of swap space on the disk 

B. Increase the amount of physical memory 

C. Install and provision additional disk space 

D. Allocate additional CPU power to the guests 

Correct Answer: B 


In which of the following situations would a network administrator optimize a company\\’s WAN? 

A. High amounts of packet loss on a switch port 

B. CPU utilization on a switch is at 95% 

C. Installed new local application on a private network 

D. Contracted with a SaaS provider to provide a new application 

Correct Answer: D 


A network administrator has been asked to implement a security solution to protect a company\\’s internal network from

external threats on the Internet. Which of the following technologies is the administrator MOST likely to use? 


B. Proxy 


D. Firewall 

Correct Answer: D 


Which of the following is the BEST approach to re-architect a server farm running transport encryption termination on

web servers when HA is an overall major requirement? 

A. Implement an HTTP proxy on the DMZ. 

B. Implement a traffic manager with ports 80 and 443 enabled. 

C. Implement a load balancer with port SSL enabled. 

D. Implement a traffic manager with TCP and UDP enabled. 

Correct Answer: C 


Which of the following provides a secure tunnel through the Internet? 





Correct Answer: D 


New servers were purchased specifically for virtualization capabilities. However, the hypervisor of choice cannot find

compatible processors on the new servers. Which of the following would a system administrator MOST likely need to

configure to enable virtualization features for these systems? 




D. HBAs 

Correct Answer: C 


A small business is moving ten physical servers to the cloud. Which of the following should the cloud provider

implement to ensure that all ten servers can dynamically share memory resources with other tenants as needed while

not interfering with the other tenants? 

A. Soft limits 

B. Load balancing 

C. Resource pooling 

D. Caching 

Correct Answer: C 


A programmer removes OS software from a laptop during development of a new prototype for the company. After the

code is promoted from development to QA, none of the QA testers can get the application to work. Which of the

following is MOST likely the cause of the application not working properly in QA? 

A. QA systems require a reboot after a new application is installed 

B. Programmer did not compile the code properly 

C. Programmer put the source code in repository without any validations 

D. QA systems are missing patches 

Correct Answer: D 


Which of the following is a MINIMUM requirement for VM online migration? 

A. Same CPU family between source and target hosts. 

B. Same network equipment between source and target hosts. 

C. Same hardware vendor for the datacenter. 

D. Same hypervisor versions between source and target hosts. 

Correct Answer: A 


An administrator needs to add more guests in a virtual environment. Which of the following MUST the administrator take

into account before adding additional VMs to a host? (Select TWO). 

A. Amount of RAM 

B. Number of virtual CPUs 

C. Number of CPU cores 

D. Number of power supplies 

E. Number of network cards 

Correct Answer: AC 


A technician wants to remotely gather a list of all the software running on the client PCs throughout the organization.

Which of the following should be used to gather this information? 



C. Syslog 


Correct Answer: A 


A system administrator identified an issue on a critical server that is hosted in the cloud. The user community is affected

by this issue, but is still able to work. A reboot is needed to rectify this issue. Which of the following steps should the

administrator do FIRST to resolve this issue? 

A. Contact the user community 

B. Establish a back-out plan 

C. Enter a change request 

D. Reboot the server 

Correct Answer: C 


A critical hypervisor security patch has been released and needs to be rolled out as soon as possible. Which of the

following steps can be taken to minimize downtime for all guest VMs currently running? 

A. In the next scheduled maintenance window, apply patch, reboot host, and wait for all VMs to come back online. 

B. In the next scheduled maintenance window, migrate VMs to another host. Remove host from any availability clusters,

patch host, reboot host, and place host back into availability cluster. 

C. In the next scheduled maintenance window, shut down all VMs, apply patch, reboot host, and wait for all VMs to

come back online. 

D. In the next scheduled maintenance window, migrate VMs to another host. Remove host from any availability clusters,

unplug network cables from host, patch host, reboot host, reconnect network cables, and place host back into

availability cluster. 

Correct Answer: B 


Which of the following routine practices can help protect required and running services during an attack? 

A. Antivirus software 

B. Disabling unneeded ports 


D. Patching 

Correct Answer: D 


Students in a virtual lab must be able to upload and download homework assignments from personal external storage

devices to their virtual desktops. Which of the following should the lab administrator implement to allow students to

upload files? 

A. Resource pooling 

B. Secure FTP 

C. Storage quotas 

D. Port mapping 

Correct Answer: D 


Which of the following tests would be MOST appropriate when determining the need for patches and updates to servers

in the datacenter? 

A. Penetration testing 

B. Risk assessment 

C. Latency testing 

D. Bandwidth determination 

Correct Answer: B 


Which of the following would be considered a cold site? 

A. A site that has air conditioning available, but no heat 

B. A duplicate site that has replication enabled 

C. A site that has telecommunications and network available 

D. A site that is completely functional and staffed 

Correct Answer: C 


A new WAN connection was recently installed between the primary datacenter and secondary datacenter for disaster

recovery purposes. The network technician performed testing of the circuit and observed poor throughput performance.

Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. Latency 

B. NIC failure 

C. Caching 

D. Compression 

Correct Answer: A 


Requiring all SaaS vendors to perform updates to systems within the customer\\’s datacenter is an example of which of

the following types of cloud delivery services? 

A. Off premise hosting 

B. On premise hosting 

C. Orchestration platforms 

D. Hybrid delivery models 

Correct Answer: B 


A company has tasked an administrator with virtualizing the server farm and wants to adhere to the principle of n+1. The

administrator has analyzed the resource consumption of the current server farm and observes the following: 

5 application servers consuming 12 GB RAM each. 

4 web servers consuming 2 GB RAM each. 

10 terminal servers consuming 6 GB RAM each. 

Which of the following is the MINIMUM necessary to meet the requirements of the new host cluster? 

A. 1 host with 196GB RAM 

B. 2 hosts with 64GB RAM each 

C. 3 hosts with 128GB RAM each 

D. 4 hosts with 24GB RAM each 

Correct Answer: C 


A technician would like to connect to a virtual server from inside the network, using a desktop computer. Which of the

following tools could the technician use? 





Correct Answer: B 


An employee is asked to run an instance of a Linux OS while booted up in a Windows OS. Which of the following types

of virtualization would be used to meet this requirement? 

A. Type I 

B. Type II 

C. Bare Metal 

D. Native 

Correct Answer: B 


A new network engineer logs into a router and discovers multiple and separate routing tables configured. This router

MOST likely has which of the following items configured? 

A. Supernetting 




Correct Answer: C

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