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In which two ways should companies modernize their security philosophies? (Choose two.)
A. Expand their IT departments
B. Decrease internal access and reporting
C. Complement threat-centric tactics with trust-centric methods
D. Reinforce their threat-centric security tactics
E. Rebuild their security portfolios with new solutions
Correct Answer: AC


What are two solutions Cisco offers for web security? (Choose two.)
C. Cloudlock
D. AMP for Web Security
E. Cognitive Intelligence
Correct Answer: DE


Which two security risks are created by legacy approaches to networking\\’? (Choose two.)
A. slow containment
B. user vulnerability
C. large attack surface
D. network downtime
E. access points
Correct Answer: CD


Which two attack vectors are protected by MFA? (Choose two.)
A. Endpoints
B. Mobile
C. Cloud
D. Web
E. Data center
Correct Answer: DE


Which feature of AnyConnect provides better access security across wired and wireless connections with 802.1X?
A. Trusted Network Detection
B. Secure Layer 2 Network Access
C. Flexible AAA Options
D. AnyConnect with AMP
Correct Answer: D


What is one of the key features of Cognitive Intelligence?
A. It enables safe email usage with event analytics
B. It enhances anonymity with URL filtering
C. Allows visibility into anonymous and encrypted communications
D. It enables greater threat intelligence with entity modeling
Correct Answer: D


Which two attack vectors are protected by NGFW? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile
B. Data Center
C. Email
D. Web
E. Cloud
Correct Answer: BD


How does AMP\\’s file reputation feature help customers?
A. It increases the protection to systems with exact fingerprinting
B. It increases the accuracy of threat detection with Big Data analytics
C. It enables point in time detection through a one-to-one engine
D. It enables secure web browsing with cognitive threat analytics
Correct Answer: C


Which two elements does Advanced Malware Protection provide? (Choose two.)
A. dynamic URL filtering
B. advanced analytics
C. dynamic data analysis
D. intrusion analysis
E. reputation analytics
Correct Answer: BC


What are two reasons why perimeter-based network security is no longer sufficient? (Choose two.)
A. More users
B. More devices
C. More IT professionals
D. More networks
E. More vulnerabilities
Correct Answer: BE

What are two steps customers can take to evolve to a trust-centric security philosophy? (Choose two.)
A. Require and install agents on mobile devices.
B. Block BYOD devices.
C. Limit internal access to networks
D. Always verify and never trust everything inside and outside the perimeter.
E. Only grant access to authorized users and devices.
Correct Answer: BE


Where do you start to achieve true network visibility?
B. Branches
D. Fabric Level
Correct Answer: D

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