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Cisco Customer Success Manager (820-605 CSM): https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/customer-success-manager-csm-820-605.html

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills to develop and integrate solutions, identify adoption barriers and actions to remove them, implement adoption frameworks and interpret customer usage data while leading customers to renewals and cultivating new sales opportunities through the entire customer lifecycle.

Latest updates Cisco 820-605 exam practice questions

From a Customer Success perspective, which reason to monitor your customer\\’s health is the most important?
A. It provides the opportunity to address any changes in the customer\\’s experience or actions around the solution
B. It allows the customer to identify unused licenses so they can be addressed via a service improvement plan
C. Understanding your customer\\’s health directly enables renewals
D. It gives the customer valuable insight so they can automatically renew critical on time
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.gainsight.com/customer-success-best-practices/how-to-score-customer-health/


A large university has deployed a new IT solution designed to improve the overall student and staff experience. Which
approach to measure success is the best?
A. Twice yearly student and staff surveys with two questions related to IT
B. Measure the number of complaints raised by students
C. Combination of tailored surveys and IT tools-based metrics
D. Implement staff Super Users to provide feedback
Correct Answer: B


Which key industry trend explains the need for companies to invest in a Customer Success practice and Customer
Success Manager role?
A. Service organizations must evolve from a “break-fix” business model to proactive and pre-emptive services that help
prevent problems for customers before they arise and accelerate solution adoption. The CSM advises and professional
services team on the best services to the position.
B. IT budgets are shifting to the line of business decision-makers who want to understand the business outcomes from
technology investments before they purchase. The CSM supports sales with use cases and testimonials for proposed
C. IT is increasingly adopting new consumption models. In a subscription economy, customers can cancel subscriptions
if business value and tangible outcomes are not realized. The CSM ensures that the customer\\’s business outcomes
are achieved with the shortest time to value.
D. The accelerated pace of innovation in the era of the Internet of Things confuses many customers. A CSM helps sales
position the right technologies that will accelerate success for their business.
Correct Answer: C


What is the best method to measure customer consumption of technology?
A. telemetry and analytics
B. recurring revenue management
C. enterprise CRM and incident management
D. content management
Correct Answer: A


The customer wants to reduce their exposure to security events. Which business outcome is critical to the company\\’s
A. risk management
B. market growth
C. sustainability
D. cost-efficiency
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. Which initial action does a Customer Success Manager take?dumpsdemo 820-605 exam questions q6

A. Run analysis on all the license types used by the customer on all platforms
B. Share the report with the customer point of contact for license types B and D and determine causes
C. Provide trending information on license types B and D and share with all stakeholders
D. Inform the Sales Account Manager to position a new version of licenses types B and D with additional features
Correct Answer: A


A customer is coming up for renewal in 180 days for three solutions. One of the solutions has not been fully enabled.
The other two solutions are in regular use in production. How should the Customer Success Manager address the one the solution that has not been fully enabled?
A. Contact the services team and request that they reach out to the customer to address the solution
B. Make the renewals manager aware that the one solution is not fully implemented but the other two are fine
C. Investigate why the customer has not enabled the solution and work with the sales and renewals teams to address
the issue
D. No action is needed because the customer will probably renew and you can address the issue after the renewal
Correct Answer: B


Which outcome is the best that a Customer Success Manager can achieve for a customer?
A. adoption of all the licenses and features the customer purchased leading to expansion to improve the customer\\’s
B. full adoption of all the technologies the customer purchased
C. removing barriers so the customer achieves the fastest time to value possible from the solution they purchased
D. ensuring the customer’s deployment teams and end users are trained and ready to adopt the technology
Correct Answer: C


Drag and drop three valid elements of a success plan from the left to the right. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:dumpsdemo 820-605 exam questions q9

Correct Answer:

dumpsdemo 820-605 exam questions q9-1


In which stage does the Customer Success Manager initially validate stakeholders?
A. onboarding
B. deployment
C. utilization
D. purchase
Correct Answer: A


Which type of analytics has telemetry that shows the customer\\’s use of the software and defines what has happened
to date?
A. descriptive
B. diagnostic
C. prescriptive
D. predictive
Correct Answer: B


A Customer Success Manager must deliver high touch customer success experience. Which customer engagement the model must be used?
A. Utilize a digital engagement so all your customers experience the touch of customer success
B. Utilize people to focus on the elite customers for a 1:1 or 1:few onsite customer success experience
C. Utilize the service team to form a larger internal team to lead the engagement
D. Utilize people to focus your customers in a 1:many customer success experience
Correct Answer: A

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